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Jakobi in the studio!

Today was a long day here at Def Jam Central Studio's. After signing hot new artist Jakobi to the DJC label we finally got him to the studio to get started on his EP. Eight tracks of chart toppers ready to knock down the Billboard. No autotune need here this man can sing. Well maybe a little added for effects. But from what I've seen Jakobi is a pro. He's got his beats together and his lyrics ready to go. For those of you who know, studio time dosen't come cheap so its always a plus when the artist is ready to go. Look forward to Jakobi's "Versatile" to be up and streaming on the DJC soon....... DefJamCentral.com

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"Def Jam Central is awesome! I love the new look and midwest style!" Third Blog Paragraph

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Mystery CLub
Waylon Thornton
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August 5
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Granada / Lawrence, KS Buy tickets
August 27
Jakobi Concert
Jakpot / Lawrence, KS Buy tickets
August 25
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Liberty Hall / Lawrence, KS Buy tickets
August 15

DJC hot new artist Jakobi

DJC artist Jakobi is our lattest hot new signee. Make sure to check his page out and listen to his bangin new EP. From modeling to singing artist Jakobi has it all going on. After seeing what he had to offer DJC didnt hesitate to put him on the team. Jakobi's page

Dont wait get your copy of Jakobi's EP today!


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